United Healthcare Los Angeles Dental Insurance

United Healthcare Los Angeles Dental InsuranceUnited Healthcare has a large network of plan participants and Dr. Benyamini of Family Dentist LA in Los Angeles, CA is pleased to announce that he is a United Healthcare participant.

Dr. Benyamini is a general dentist who is also a family dentist. He provides treatment to people of all ages. His office is modern and hi-tech as well as friendly and inviting. His staff is highly skilled and educated, friendly, and available to answer all of your dental care questions. Should you have any insurance questions regarding your dental treatment, there is someone always available to take the time to answer your questions to the best of their ability.

Education is important to Dr. Benyamini and he also loves dentistry. This is why he is dedicated to staying informed of the latest procedure techniques, diagnostic techniques and equipment, research, and dental materials. By doing so, he can ensure that his patients are receiving the most modern and high quality dental care possible.

Dr. Benyamini believes in the importance of educating his patients as well. Children are taught the importance of brushing and flossing their teeth and how to do so. This education lays the foundation for children to practice good oral hygiene throughout their adult life. Dr. Benyamini will always take the time to thoroughly explain your dental treatment needs in an easy-to-understand manner. All questions are answered and you will never be left wondering, “well why is Dr. Benyamini recommending this treatment and do I actually really need it.”

Part of being a United Healthcare participant is making sure a patients insurance questions are answered and they are able to receive the most benefit from their dental plan coverage. Dr. Benyamini hires qualified staff to help you navigate through your dental insurance coverage, answering questions and clearing up the confusion that often is a part of having dental treatment coverage.