Dental Crowns Los Angeles

To save a tooth or not to save a tooth, that is the question. And when it comes to dental crowns in Los Angeles, to help protect the existing tooth is a decision that many people even with the best teeth will face.

In order to see if a dental crown is right for you, let’s first understand what they are.


Los Angeles Dental Crowns


What Is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is kind of like it sounds. It sits (fits) on top of a weak, chipped or lackluster tooth. It has many applications in both cosmetic dentistry as well as utility for preventing the need for tooth loss or emergency tooth extraction.


Here’s just a  Few Reasons for Getting Dental Crowns in Los Angeles:


– For Protecting a Weak Tooth From Bbreaking Further or Hold Parts of a Cracked Tooth Together

– Restoring a Tooth That Has Severely Been Worn Down For any Reason

– To Assist in  Covering  a Tooth that has had Previous or Large Fillings when There isn’t a Lot of Tooth left

– Essential To Help Hold a Dental bridge in Place or Prevent it From Deteriorating

–  “Cap” Over Ill-Shaped Teeth or Severely Discolored Teeth Where Dental Whitening Does Not Help

 – Give Extra Protection to a Dental Implant

 – Genuinely Nicer Looking Teeth & Making a Cosmetic Dentist Modification

– Last Resort to Save a Tooth that is severely damaged by Tooth Decay that is Not Able to Be Filled


Some Reasons For Dental Crowns for Children in Los Angeles


For Protecting the teeth of a Children that are at High risk for Tooth Decay before their 2nd Set of Teeth

Decrease the Need for General Anesthesia for Children unable because of age, behavior, or medical history to fully cooperate with the ability to See a Dentist and Get Proper Dental Care in Los Angeles. Despite Being Treated by a Pediatric Dentist.


How This Los Angeles Does Dental Crowns Today


Here at our Family Dentist, we serve families and children as well with our Pediatric Dentist specializing in the latest “Same Day Crowns”, using CEREC Technology which you can see done here:




So now that you know what Dental Crowns are, then they may be an option for you if you reside in or around the Los Angeles area.  Feel free to contact our Los Angeles dental office, Dr. Dan by clicking here to see if getting a dental crown is right for you!